Opportunity Sunday

Opportunity Sunday

The "What":

On Sunday, October 29th, we will forego our normal Sunday service to gather at the Palo Alto Opportunity Center to participate in a community building event. Some number of us will be removing and replacing the furniture in 10 living units. Others of us will be leading community building events, helping to share a meal and build relationships with residents at the center. We hope to help replace all the furniture in the residents' apartments within one year.

The "Why":

We are seeking to build a deeper relationship with the residents there as they are a part of the community (Palo Alto) in which our church resides and that we seek to serve.

Abode Services, a local housing non-profit which we support as a church, recently assumed responsibility for the housing side of the Opportunity Center. We want to partner with them in serving and getting to know the over 170 people permanently housed on the residential side of the center.

We hope this is the beginning of a positive and long-term relationship with Abode Services, the Opportunity Center staff and leadership and the residents who live there.

The "How":

We, as a church, will divide into teams participating in one (or both) of two different activities.

The first activity has three parts: the dis-assembly of the old furniture, the removal of the old furniture, and the assembly and insertion of the new furniture. The reason that "assembly" does not have its own section is that the new furniture requires very little assembly. There will be three teams, from 9-11, 11-1 and 1-3 seeking to achieve the objective of fully furnishing 10 units.

The second activity also has the same three phases - from 9-11, 11-1 and 1-3, but a different objective. All volunteers, regardless of which activity they choose, will participate in a 15 to 20-minute orientation to the Opportunity Center at the beginning of their shift. While those on the "furniture" side will go off to work upstairs, the rest of the group will be taking the opportunity to get to know the residents who will spend time with us that day and offer some useful services, some entertainment, and a communal lunch.

The "Who":

That is where YOU come in! We would like you to register below for both which "side" of the opportunity day you would like to work on, and for which of the three "shifts" you would like to work.

You can work on both sides, but on different shifts, simply by filling out the form twice with your stated preferences.

We are asking that no children under 10 participate on the furniture side as we do not want our little ones getting hurt in all the movement. We assume any kids you sign up will be working with you.

Also, if there is a special skill you have (ie. face painting, sketching, nail painting, making pour-over coffee, etc.) please let Michael Chang (mikchang@gmail.com) know so that we can eagerly utilize your gifts in the community building shifts during the day.


How are you able to serve?